Business Models

strives to offer flexible solutions that are customized to meet your needs. So in the same spirit, we offer flexible business models, such as:

Time and Material

You can engage the services of our resources on a time and material basis. You have complete flexibility in using eServicehub associates in tasks that match their expertise with your requirements.

Fixed Bid

Faced with runaway IT projects? Organizations seek to partner with vendors who can assure them of projects that are completed on time, within budget, and have a high degree of quality. The Fixed Bid project model delivers total satisfaction because it's customized to your requirements. It provides the framework for a mutually profitable scenario, in which you're assured of quality, on-time, and in-budget deliverables, and we're assured the rewards of a successful project.


Since eServicehub solutions are intended to help you become more effective in your business operations, we are open to linking charges for a project to the level of realized business benefits.

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