IT Implementations

's consultants are characterized by their years of "real world," market-leading expertise in IT implementations. Our people bring not only program knowledge, but a background of cross-industry business roles. Our business knowledge provides an extra dimension to identify and exploit the potential of new opportunities, and an assurance that advice is grounded with experience rather than theory.

As a market leader in end-to-end application services, eServicehub has enabled clients to realize the full value of their IT systems for more than 30 years. We design, build, implement, integrate, and manage large-scale systems for leading organizations across all industries. Working with our leading technology partners, we have implemented some of the largest ERP systems in the world.

Through our integrated Indian delivery capability, we deliver accelerated systems deployment, substantial productivity improvements, and provide clients with seamless access to the latest technical skills. Our clients use cost-savings generated by eServicehub to fund strategic programs and to directly benefit their own customers.

Clients trust us with their critical business systems. We have helped integrate global systems post-merger, revolutionize supply chains, and harness technology to introduce new services and channels to market.

Our success stems from our in-depth knowledge and understanding of clients and technology, and through outstanding teamwork. We align IT with strategic business objectives by balancing the need for system stability against the demands for continual change.

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