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The world of sales is changing. Terrestrial sales methodologies are being taken over by fast changing and ever expanding world of wireless communication. Wireless applications are radically transforming business operations and network edge by bringing mobility to the environment. With the introduction of its wireless application eServicehub plans to unwire your employees. San Jose, January 8th, 2007 --- eServicehub after doing extensive research and findings, decided to go through with the idea of making its first home product which in time would be the most talked about product in the sales industry and would change the way sales persons do work.

eServicehub with its proven solutions for wireless CRM is ready to empower sales persons of its customers to generate extra revenue. Its unique solution for wireless CRM is called Mobi iSale. Mobi iSale will provide sales persons with the functions that are critical when they are mobile. It would enable sales persons to be always connected to the enterprise through a wireless network. It would provide them with more accurate, up-to-the minute information. They would connect to the corporate database using a wireless device (data is real time not synchronized). Sales persons are habitual to use corporate PIM tools like outlook and lotus notes when in the office and Palm or pocket Outlook when mobile.

eServicehub’s, Mobi iSale with its functions like Appointments, Tasks and customer contacts would synchronize with Outlook and Palm Desktop through integration with Pumatech’s Intellisync. Users will be able to synchronize to their PDA using standard cradle synch functionality using Hotsync or Activesyn. Mobi iSale in visions to keep all business logic and data at one place which would be accessible by sales persons at any time and at high speeds. Sales persons would be able to access real time information at any remote location instantaneously. Mobi iSale would have tie ups with all major telecom providers like AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Verison Wireless etc. Mobi iSale application would deliver cost effective wireless solutions for business- critical mobility.

Mobi iSale Features Target audience Sales associates/ representatives or Field representatives

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Real time updates and Notifications
  • Real time Access
  • Easy Integration
  • Customization

Easy Integration Mobile sales solution includes pre-built connectors to enterprise software from Siebel, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Tibco, and webMethods to optimize and mobilize existing application. Customization: Extended Systems make it easy to customize our solution to your environment, improve the integration, user interface, and workflow for an optimal user experience. It supplies information from multiple front and back office systems in one unified view, including:

  • Opportunities Management - lets sales representatives monitor and update leads, sales forecasts and activities with such details as opportunity size, close date, and win probability.
  • Customer Management - enables sales associates to access and update customer transactions and account information, including status and revenue, and manage accounts from any handheld device.
  • Contact Management - allows field representatives to receive and update contact information, including names, addresses and other important details that may reside in several company systems.
  • Sales Order Management - lets users check inventory availability and search for sales orders by number, customer, status or date, with the ability to update order priority, costs, shipping address, and associated parts.
  • Calendar - enables sales representatives to view and update their updated personal calendars and schedule appointments with the same visibility as if they were still in the office.
  • E-mail Management - lets sales associates on the road stay connected to managers, colleagues, and customers with all standard e-mail capabilities, such as locating messages by sender, subject, or keyword and creating, opening, and replying to e-mails

About Mobi iSale

Mobi iSale will be a browser based application designed for wireless handhelds which allows sales persons from varied sales industries to access and record vital information wirelessly at the point of sale. With the introduction of Mobi iSale eServicehub plans to radically transform business operations and to have a network edge by bringing mobility to the environment. Through this document eServicehub, Inc. wants to describe the composition and organization of our product, features to be available, benefits, and technology to be used in making Mobi iSale application.

Technical Architecture:

  • Mobi iSale’s client front end will be designed in eVB (PDA screens) and ASP (server side).
  • The server would be hosted on IIS 5.0 and server components will be designed in .Net framework implemented in C++ and ASP.Net.
  • The database to be used for Mobi iSale will be Oracle 9i on the server side and XML on PDA.
  • The application will be tested using NUnit.
  • The applications inter operatability will be verified using Pumatech’s Intellisync.


  • Increase business productivity
  • Enhance employee communication
  • Facilitate real time collaboration
  • Access information anytime anywhere
  • Improve customer responsiveness
  • Secure real time access
  • Improved Visibility by enabling quick and easy updates of opportunities and forecast data.
  • Increase Call Effectiveness by reducing the number of call backs through, better planning, preparation and improved follow up.
  • Ability to access real time information of business critical assets, order shipments, payments, service requests, and product availability.
  • Acts as virtual assistance by generating proposals, sending product collaterals, providing customer history and by initiating quote approvals
  • Provides notifications of new opportunity assigned, appointment changes, and escalated service requests.
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